Transmetrics pitches at GST & Shipping2030 Europe event in Copenhagen

March 26, 2018

On March 22nd Transmetrics presented at GST & Shipping 2030 Europe annual conference, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. This year, the event focused on helping the shipping industry to adhere to regulation and to harness technology while creating cost efficiency and mitigating risk in relation to digital disruption trends, sustainability trends and pressures.

Transmetrics Senior Marketing Manager, Tim Koroteev, pitched among 4 innovators from the shipping industry including:

– Tim Fletcher – CEO of WorkRest, a ship crew work/rest hours monitoring service;
– Dino Mandic – CEO of SailRouter, a solution for reducing fuel consumption of merchant ships;
– Dan Veen – CEO of We4Sea BV, a solution which provides ships with fuel efficiency through the data analytics;

During the presentation, Mr. Koroteev talked about AssetMetrics, an innovative predictive logistics solution, which optimizes the flows of empty containers.

All pitches were presented during the StartupHub session, which was the result of the collaboration between the startups and a maritime startup accelerator Startup Wharf, run by Leonardo Zangrando. The session was sponsored by Marlink, a satellite communication and digital solutions provider serving the maritime and enterprise markets. On behalf of Transmetrics, we would like to say special thanks to Gennaro Faella, a Head of Strategic Business Development at Marlink, who supported the startups during the session.

Left to Right: Leonardo Zangrando, Gennaro Faella, Tim Koroteev, Tim Fletcher, Dino Mandic and Dan Veen

According to the organizers, the event gathered 450+ attendees, 120+ expert speakers, 150+ shipowners and operators and had representatives from 26 countries. The event served as a platform to learn, network and socialize by providing participants with workshop sessions, roundtables, presentations, panel, working groups and other opportunities.


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