Transmetrics is mentioned in the Trend Report on the “Future of Mobility and Logistics” by CODE_n

June 14, 2017

CODE_n, a leading cross-industry innovation hub, acknowledged Transmetrics in the Trend Report on the “Future of Mobility and Logistics”.

CODE_n mentioned several trends which could disrupt the logistics and mobility industry in the next few years, such as autonomous vehicles, drones and anticipatory logistics, a field where Transmetrics holds primary expertise.

Transmetrics is disrupting logistics through one of the trends mentioned above [Anticipatory Logistics]. We offer a Big Data predictive analytics solution for cargo transport companies that generates highly accurate demand forecasts and offers predictive network optimization. As a result, the company is able to make better, data-driven decisions, weeks in advance. The implementation of forecasting and optimization modules allows for the continuous monitoring and improvement of network performance. It helps increase network resilience, planning flexibility and prevents under-performance during peak seasons. Transmetrics’ solution has already helped companies achieve up to a 25% reduction in the linehaul costs and we are currently working with leading global logistics companies, including three companies from Fortune 500 list.”

 stated Tim Koroteev, Senior Marketing Manager at Transmetrics.

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