Transmetrics is mentioned in “Disrupting The Logistics Industry” report by StartUs

May 10, 2017

StartUs, a European startup magazine, mentioned Transmetrics as a disruptor in the field of Anticipatory Logistics in their “Disrupting The Logistics Industry” report.

StartUs conducted an analysis of 40,000 startups and discovered 8 innovation areas that will alter the future of Transport & Logistics industry. In the report, Transmetrics is the company selected to represent the field of anticipatory logistics. The importance of this trend has also been proven by the audience of the magazine. The majority of readers voted that anticipatory logistics will absolutely disrupt and bring value for the industry in the nearest future.  

“Stating that “24% of the road freight kilometers in Europe are driven by trucks which are completely empty”, Bulgarian-based startup Transmetrics is on a mission to end these inefficiencies by providing logistics companies with network optimization and demand forecasts by using predictive analytics and big data.” 

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