Transmetrics is mentioned among the Top 25 most promising startups in logistics

April 10, 2017

According to recent surveys by the German Logistics Association, 73% of logistics companies estimate the chances of digitization for their company as high to very high. Nevertheless, more than half of the companies want to wait until tried and tested solutions are available.

Industry of Things presented the list of 25 most promising logistics 4.0 startups, which could transform the industry, and Transmetrics is proud to be on this list.

With its solution, the Sofia-based company Transmetrics aims to reduce empty transport capacities with Predictive Analytics. The TMS data is transmitted via an interface from the customer side. After that, additional forecast data and travel routes for customers as well as external data on the respective transport market are entered. As a result, the customers receive a shipment forecast, which can be used to avoid unused capacity.

See the full list here (in German)


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