Transmetrics is listed as one of the 10 companies using AI in Logistics in 2017 by Disruptor Daily

October 13, 2017

According to the Disruptor Daily, AI can improve logistics’ operations in several fields – from automating scheduling processes to handling complex resource analysis assignments. Artificial Intelligence can potentially save a solid amount of money and man-hours, which then can be directed towards enhancing the other sides of the business.

Transmetrics is proud to be mentioned as a disruptor of AI in Logistics among such companies as LogiNext, Pathover and several other innovators.

“Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Transmetrics was founded in 2013 and has received $1.87 million after seven rounds of funding. The company uses big data to predict behaviors of shippers and allow the logistics industry to better use space, save money, and reduce carbon footprint. Since inefficient capacity cause companies to lose money, Transmetrics aims to optimize the space to better use vehicles and cut overhead costs.”

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