Transmetrics is featured in McKinsey & Co “Container Shipping: the next 50 years” report

October 24, 2017

In the new report on Travel, Transport & Logistics McKinsey & Company answers the question “How container shipping could reinvent itself for the digital age?”

The first piece of advice that the report gives to the shipping industry is to “invest in digital technologies to differentiate the products, disintermediate value chains, improve customer service, raise productivity, and cut costs.” According to McKinsey & Co, there is a risk that Tech Giants and Disruptors can capture most of the value by moving faster in terms of the customer relationships than the incumbents.

The second piece of advice that the report suggests is that the companies have to integrate into the ecosystem because the next generation of innovations in the industry has to be orchestrated across the whole supply chain. In addition to that, the creation of value in shipping no longer hinges on the scale alone. According to McKinsey & Co, over the next 50 years the industry has to focus on tackling structural operational inefficiencies via digital disruption.

This is where Transmetrics innovative predictive solution should be in use for shippers and terminals, and that is the reason McKinsey & Co mentioned Transmetrics as one of the enablers and leading examples of SaaS for optimization in the industry.

Exhibit #9 from the McKinsey & Co “Container Shipping: the next 50 years” Report

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