Transmetrics is featured as a success story in the Smart Supply Chains category by European Commission

July 24, 2017

To support small and medium enterprises, the European Commission established the Business Innovation Observatory. The main goal of the observatory is to provide regular evidence on the latest innovative trends in business and industry, including how innovative solutions are developed and brought to market, as well as their impact on the economy.

Transmetrics was chosen by the Business Innovation Observatory as a success story in the field of Smart Supply Chains. The professional film crew arrived from Brussels to Transmetrics’ headquarters in Sofia in order to create a video case study. The case study will reflect the company’s success through the set of interviews with the startup co-founders Asparuh Koev and Anna Shaposhnikova as well as with Danail Danailov, a Board Member of Speedy (part of DPD Group), which is the first official client of Transmetrics. In addition to that, the crew managed to capture the working process of Transmetrics team as well as real-time operations in the Speedy warehouse in Sofia.

Delivery vans at Speedy warehouse

Anna Shaposhnikova, CCO and Co-founder of Transmetrics

Business Analysts and Data Scientists captured during their work


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