Transmetrics CEO Asparuh Koev Pitches at Eastern Europe Tech Tour 2018

June 14, 2018

On June 13th, Asparuh Koev, Transmetrics CEO and Co-Founder, pitched Transmetrics innovative predictive cargo planning solution at Eastern Europe Tech Tour 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The pitch was a part of Digital Presentation Session, where companies had 15 minutes to present the product and to answer the industry expert’s questions. The session was moderated by Alexander Galitsky, a managing partner at Almaz Capital Partners and Co-President of the Eastern Europe Tech Tour, while the list of industry experts included such people as Nedyalko Apostolov (BDO Bulgaria), Lorenzo Franchini (ScaleIT), Marton Medveczky (Buran Venture Capital), Kevin Monserrat (Microsoft UK), Stephan Morais (Indico Capital Partners) and Ben Tytonovich (Target Global).

Picture Credit: Eastern Europe Tech Tour

Transmetrics was selected as one of Eastern Europe’s 50 fastest-growing tech companies to present at the first ever Eastern Europe Tech Tour (EETT) in Warsaw (11-12 of June) and Sofia (12-13 of June) in order to showcase the region as one of the most attractive places for risk investments in fast-growing tech companies. A dedicated Selection Committee of experts has chosen the final 30 presenting companies, who went through a vigorous application process competing with over 150 applicants for a chance to present to European Venture Capital leaders, local and international funds and policymakers.

Of the 30 companies, 30% come from Bulgaria, 27% from Poland, 10% from Ukraine, 7% from Slovenia, 7% are based in the USA, and 7% in the UK but originally hail from Eastern Europe, and 3% each come from the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Switzerland but originally from Eastern Europe.

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