Transmetrics organizes a Career Day at AUBG

March 31, 2017

On March 31st, 2017 Transmetrics organized a Career Day at American University in Bulgaria. The team was represented at the event by the AUBG alumni Asparuh Koev, CEO and co-founder of Transmetrics, Deyan Lazarov, Head of Customer Delivery, and Tim Koroteev, Senior Marketing Manager. The purpose of the visit was to tell students about Transmetrics and challenging problems that we solve as well as to give them insights on pursuing a career in IT in Bulgaria and abroad.

The event started with an informal info session at “Aspire” Innovation Hub and was followed by the presentation on “How to Build a Successful Career in IT Companies” led by Asparuh Koev and Deyan Lazarov. According to the representatives of the team, students were very interested and involved in the conversation about the company and career opportunities at Transmetrics.

 “The best thing to differentiate yourself is to commit to a particular area and develop there”

– Asapruh Koev advised students.

“If I compare the company to what it used to be just one year ago, the progress is stunning. Our product has improved significantly, our new customers represent the biggest logistics companies in the world, and our team has grown with experienced professionals from both IT and Logistics domains” 

– Tim Koroteev said, suggesting that it is the best time to apply for a position in the company, which already employs several AUBG alumni.

Presentation of Asparuh Koev and Deyan Lazarov from the event.

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