Transmetrics attends TransPoland Translogistica 2016 – the biggest transport and logistics exhibition in CEE

November 10, 2016

Asparuh Koev and Anna Shaposhnikova, Co-founders of Transmetrics, attended the biggest transport and logistics exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe – TransPoland Translogistica 2016 which took place in Warsaw, Poland.

Asparuh Koev was invited by the organizers of the IT & Telematic Forum to talk about “The predictive optimization for cargo transport: How we can turn the Big Data into profit for business?”. 

During his presentation, Asparuh Koev also demonstrated the innovative predictive logistics software by Transmetrics in front of the logistics professionals from the region.

In addition to that, over three days, the exhibition was attended by more than 4,500 specialists and executives from the transport and logistics sector as well as businessmen and entrepreneurs from all around the world. The exhibition was more than just an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products, it was also accompanied by a full business program, providing an opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to meet numerous industry professionals in one place and participate in engaging workshops.

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