Transmetrics attends 34th BVL Summit in Berlin

October 31, 2017

For the second consecutive year, Transmetrics participates at the International Supply Chain Conference organized by BVL, which took place in Berlin, Germany.

This year, the 34th edition of the event ran under the theme “Think Different − Act Digital”. In the current edition, the conference became an exploration and a discussion platform for digitalization in the Supply Chain and Logistics. The industry professionals across business, science and politics presented the audience with insights into their work areas and new ways of solving the issues that the Supply Chain is currently facing. Among such issues the presenters highlighted the following:

    • – Role of logistics: How will the role of traditional logistics and its players change in the value chain?
    • – Politics: Which political changes can be expected in 2018 which will inevitably affect the development of logistics?
    • – Personnel: What can be done to attract, retain and develop good staff?
    • – Digitalization: How are investments in digitization developing and what can be expected to be an operational effect of such developments?
    • – Urban Logistics: What will be the quantitative and qualitative effects expected from urbanization?

Transmetrics at the stand of Log-hub

Due to more than 3,200 participants and guests from around 40 countries worldwide, the conference serves as an important meeting point for logistics and supply chain decision makers and logistics service providers. The results of those meetings are set to bring the positive split in the industry towards the digitalization.

“Think Different − Act Digital: That means not to understand digitization as a technological concept, but rather to see it as the intelligent driver of change – and actually to start putting it into practice,” adds Prof. Raimund Klinkner, CEO of BVL.

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