Transmetrics presents at “Digital Meets Sustainability” event by Accenture

March 10, 2017

Hosted by the Accenture Digital Acceleration Center in Bonn, Accenture Open Talks is a new event series that brings together industry experts, technology professionals and esteemed members of the academia to discuss the latest digital trends affecting today’s businesses and society.

The first session on the topic “Digital Meets Sustainability”, explored how we can harness the power of digital to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of improving people’s quality of life, fostering equitable growth and protecting the environment.

To understand how the latest digital innovations can help improve the way the world works and lives, Accenture invited a panel of visionaries to share how they actively work towards a sustainable future in their work and daily lives.

Among the invited speakers was our Senior Marketing Manager Tim Koroteev, who presented Transmetrics’ innovative predictive tool that improves the efficiency of cargo transport companies and offers the benefits of decarbonization of the European transportation industry at the same time. Other speakers included Luis Neves (Group Sustainability and Climate Protection Officer, Deutsche Telekom), Dr. Thomas Walter (Managing Director, Easy Smart Grid) and Moritz Zyrewitz (Managing Director,

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