“The Startup That Helps Cargo Companies Stop Shipping Air” – DisruptorDaily interview with Transmetrics

March 2, 2018

In the recent interview with Disruptor Daily for their new Future of Logistics series, Transmetrics Co-founder and CEO Asparuh Koev shared his insights on what problems the industry is facing, what trends are taking place, and his vision for the future of logistics.

In order to introduce the concept of Transmetrics, Asparuh explained that “We offer an end-to-end SaaS solution based on modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive algorithms to help logistics service providers and asset providers save a significant portion of their operational costs by allowing them to make better data-driven decisions.”

“For example, while working with DPD Bulgaria, our NetMetrics product helped them to reduce total costs by 7-9%. Also, we recently announced our project with the large container shipping company, NileDutch, where AssetMetrics is expected to reduce the cost of empty container logistics by 10-15%.” – CEO of Transmetrics added, describing the industry’s need for such a solution.

When asked about Top 3 technological trends that he notices in logistics, Asparuh mentioned Self-driving and electric vehicles, Data-Driven Logistics (i.e. much greater availability and openness of the logistics data) and the use of Artificial Intelligence to manage the industry.

“Nowadays, we are already not getting surprised when we hear about yet another company building an autonomous or an electric vehicle or truck – this trend will continue even more with countries planning to ban the usage of internal combustion engine vehicles. Regarding the data-driven logistics, more focus has been placed on the importance of effective data capturing and management in recent years. However, many leading transport and logistics companies still fail to enforce unified data standards when recording data, which leaves gaps and makes it very difficult to use or potentially share.” – CEO shared, specifying the importance of the technological trends for the industry.

“And once you have the data available, even if it’s still not clean enough, software solutions powered by the AI technologies can help make better operational decisions, which would significantly improve the efficiency of the logistics companies.” – Asparuh continued, highlighting the AI technology, which is at the core of the Transmetrics products.

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