StartUs Magazine: “Predictive analytics startup Transmetrics transforms logistics leaders’ mindset on innovation”

July 18, 2017

ERP is a well-known business term, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. However, the business environment requires a constant evolution of the concepts in order to keep up with the pace of technological development. Technologies like predictive analytics are changing the landscape of the logistics industry, and Transmetrics helps transport companies to succeed in the reality of these changes by offering the next generation of ERP – Enterprise Resource Prediction.

In the recent interview for StartUs magazine, Transmetrics’ CCO and Co-founder Anna Shaposhnikova shared insights on Big Data and Predictive analytics in the logistics industry and how to transform logistics leaders’ mindset towards innovation.

“Customer expectations are increasing greatly. Both individuals and businesses expect to get goods faster, with more flexibility, and – in the case of consumers – at low or no delivery cost. The way to respond to the changes and to stay competitive is for transporters to embrace the power of data analytics, and more companies are starting to realize this.”

– Anna Shaposhnikova states, commenting on the transformation in the Logistics Industry.

Predictive Analytics Startup Transmetrics Transforms Logistics Leader's Mindset On Innovation

When asked about the biggest learning points for the company, Anna explains –

“The biggest learning point was that, indeed, the data is BIG but it’s also quite “dirty”, inconsistent and with a lot of gaps. This situation is true for almost all transport companies even for the biggest and the most successful ones. So before even starting to think about implementing forecasting models for our customers, we need to go through a laborious and complicated process of “massaging” the existing data.”

Despite the fact that data cleansing is notoriously complicated and important phase in the development of forecasting models which requires a lot of analysis and detailed attention to the data, CCO of Transmetrics argues –

“However, the results [of data cleansing] are mostly very positive. And what is encouraging, is that our customers can already gain their first benefits after we complete the process of data cleansing.” 

“Transmetrics’ tools allow companies to make better, data-driven decisions, while forecasting and optimization modules allow the continuous monitoring and improvement of network performance. We are already working with world’s leading logistics companies, including three global Fortune 500 companies.”

– Transmetrics’ co-founder points out, talking about the company’s success.

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