Increase Your Fleet Turn Rates and Service Levels with AI and Predictive Analytics

Forecast customer demand, per asset type and geographical area, weeks in advance, and efficiently assign the right assets to specific customer orders.

Global trade imbalances result in a surplus of empty containers at certain locations and a shortage at others. To address the problem, most shipping lines employ a container fleet that is 10-20% larger than needed, while still struggling to supply their customers with containers.

Empty container repositioning requires prior information about future demand and complex estimations of all related costs (storage, repositioning, grading, maintenance, gate in/out, stevedoring, etc). Yet, planning decisions are handled manually with basic tools (e.g. Excel) and are based on inaccurate commercial forecasts and gut feeling.


of all containers moves are empty

Achieved Results for Our Clients

  • 20+%

    Reduction of empty assets logistics costs

  • 7.5%

    Reduction of total fleet size

  • 15%

    Reduction in repair and grading costs

  • AssetMetrics for Manufacturers with Logistics Assets

    AssetMetrics is an automated predictive planning tool specifically customized for Manufacturing companies with own or leased logistics assets. The AI-driven software forecasts customer demand per asset type and location, up to 12 weeks in advance. AssetMetrics also calculates the most optimal storage, repositioning, and maintenance strategy for empty assets. This enables data-driven empty asset management on all levels (local, regional, global) and provides full business process visibility.

    AssetMetrics clients have achieved double-digit percentage reductions in the total fleet size while maintaining service levels.
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    AssetMetrics for Manufacturers with Logistics Assets

    A Ready Product Customized for Your Needs

    Transmetrics offers a complete end-to-end solution, which consists of three main product components. Each of them can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements.

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    Hear Directly From Our Customers

    • Carlo Zaalberg
      Global Director Logistics
      We had been looking for a partner who could help us streamline our empty container flows for a long time. There are different IT solutions on the market, but we chose Transmetrics over other providers because they proved their technical expertise and also demonstrated a deep knowledge of the logistics industry and container shipping in particular, which is very difficult to find. Altogether, we are very happy with the nomination of Transmetrics as our partner in empty equipment flow management and we can recommend their services to any other logistics provider in the network.
    • Nils Wemhoener
      Former Senior Vice President Operations Overland
      The big advantage of Transmetrics over many data analytics companies is that they know a lot about logistics and continue to learn since they exclusively focus their knowledge on this one industry. This helps to build models that create tangible benefits. Transmetrics finds solutions to make data work in a generally bad-data environment instead of complaining about the lack of data or data quality. They have assembled a lot of creative thinkers who pragmatically clean data and make it usable – and on the way creating unexpected benefits for our dispatchers and managers alike.
    • Alex Petkov
      Director of Operations and Board Member
      We are impressed by the improvements delivered by the Transmetrics platform, which were both immediate and quantifiable. Using Transmetrics’ reporting system, we can measure the efficiency of our fleet and set correct KPIs for our warehouse team. The implementation was easy and support from the Transmetrics team is always excellent.
    • Yvan Giroud
      Product Manager
      Transmetrics talks the talk and walks the walk. When TIP Trailer Services consulted vendors to assess how predictive analytics could help optimize our fleet management and trailer pooling solutions, Transmetrics stood out as one of the very few that could actually deliver. Once engaged, we particularly appreciated their can-do attitude: they just kept powering through imperfect data, flawed processes and evolving requirements. Transmetrics is now a valued partner in our mission to increase fleet utilization and lower TCO for logistics and retail companies.
    • Juma Al Maskari
      Sales and Business Development Executive
      By implementing Transmetrics’ product we hope to get a very detailed prediction of the demand for our transport fleet, which will allow us to reposition our assets to where they are most needed, cut the number of kilometers driven, and maximize the use of drivers’ time. We also hope to be able to know in advance how much extra capacity we need to book through the use of third-party fleets in times of need, in order to meet the peak demand.
    • G.J.
      Global System & Data Manager
      Top 5 Global Logistics Company
      In order to get high load factor, we need to forecast. Transmetrics is something we believe in, Big Data is something we believe in and it can add value to our business.
    • Danail Danailov
      Board Member
      With the Transmetrics’ application, the benefits are very visible. Before using Transmetrics’ solution, the rate of fleet utilization was 72%. Currently, we have above 82% [utilization] and we are expecting this to increase. We estimate the total cost reduction at 7-9%, which is a great result for us.