Reduce the size of your container fleet by applying AI and predictive analytics.

AssetMetrics – a predictive optimization system that suggests the optimal storage, resupply and maintenance strategy for empty containers for a shipping line or an intermodal operator.


Our offers:  

  • Predictive, cost-based empty assets repositioning scheme (for containers, trailers, wagons, pallets etc.)
  • Optimal levels of “safety stock” at each location (based on a proper demand modelling)
  • Predictive asset repair and maintenance strategy (integrated with the repositioning scheme)

Significant savings thanks to optimization:

  • reduction of number of assets used
  • transport cost reduction
  • storage cost reduction
  • maintenance at cost effective locations
  • optimal usage of 3rd party assets

About Us

Transmetrics is an AI, predictive optimization Software-as-a-Service for the cargo transport industry. Product implementation consists of three steps: data cleansing, demand forecasting and predictive optimization. We use technologies like machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics and computer optimization to support your planning team in proactive and data-driven decision-making. We have extensive cargo transport knowledge and have been working with the leading players in the industry like DHL, DPD, ECS, Agility, CMA CGM, NileDutch, TIP Trailer Services and others.

Transmetrics offers an end-to-end solution

Transmetrics has a portfolio of products which includes NetMetrics (predictive capacity and network optimisation for courier, express and parcel businesses); AssetMetrics (predictive asset management for asset owners); WareMetrics (predictive human-resource management for warehouses).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815919