AI Predictive Optimization for cargo

Improve your capacity utilization, achieve multi-million savings, and reduce your environmental impact.

Predictive Solutions for Different Sectors of Logistics

In Summary

Transmetrics is a predictive optimization company which helps cargo transport companies and logistics service providers to be more optimal through the use of modern technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, predictive analytics and computer optimization.

Step 1 - Data Cleansing, AI Enrichment & BI Reporting

Transmetrics connects with your TMS system, auto-extracts the data on a daily basis, and improves data quality automatically with the help of AI. The software improves data quality issues such as missing events, values, and dimensions, as well as duplications and outliers. As a result, you get detailed historical reporting on operational performance and the ability to detect trends and target inefficiencies.

Step 2 - Business Optimization Modeling

Transmetrics calculates the most optimal way to use your resources based on the cleansed historical data, service levels, business requirements, and real costs. As a result, you get an optimized plan that can be used for strategic decision-making. This step also allows for shipment/customer/lane profitability reports as well as what-if scenario building.

Step 2 - Business Optimization Modeling

Step 3 - Predictive Resource Optimization

At this step, Transmetrics incorporates forecasting into the optimization model. The software generates a daily rolling forecast of upcoming shipment volumes on the granular level per origin-destination. The forecasting window can vary from 1 day to several weeks, depending on your planning process and needs. The forecast is based on the cleansed historical data as well as a set of external factors (e.g. public holidays, seasonality, weather, etc.). As a result, you get an optimized dynamic plan to run the entire operational process days in advance. Depending on the business, the software suggestions help planning managers to precisely determine whether to decrease or increase capacity, use their own fleet or subcontractors, where to reposition assets, etc.

Step 4 - Execution controlling

In the last step, transport companies can monitor how the optimized plan was implemented and whether there were any deviations from it.

Step 4 - Execution controlling

Technical Requirements:

Big Data and predictive analytics are complex concepts. That’s why our experienced team made the process of integrating and using Transmetrics as easy as possible for our clients.

  1. Historical data
    At least 6 months of historical data (e.g. shipment measurements, tracking information, vehicle movements, etc.)
  2. VPN connection
    We automatically extract data on a daily basis to provide you with the most accurate forecasts for your company.
  3. That's it!
    Transmetrics is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, so all hardware and software is provided by us on a monthly subscription basis.

Proven Record

Transmetrics tool helped companies save up to 25% of the linehaul costs, significantly increasing their profits as well as capacity and asset utilization.

Additionally, here are the results from the Proof of Concept projects:

For one of the pilot customers, the biggest cargo company in the world, Transmetrics made a prediction of future shipments with high-level accuracy – over 90%.

Data-driven simulations for another pilot customer (one of the Top 50 global freight companies) show that for groupage network, Transmetrics’ prediction enables a reduction of empty space within vehicles from 43% down to 18%. Such a reduction would potentially increase their profit by 300% annually.

Another pilot customer, with Transmetrics’ prediction, could achieve a 25% reduction in empty container logistics, which would equal approximately EUR 3 million in savings annually.


Our pricing follows a monthly subscription model, which eliminates huge upfront investments and allows even medium and smaller-sized transport companies to benefit from our solution.

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Hear Directly From Our Customers

  • Transmetrics talks the talk and walks the walk. When TIP Trailer Services consulted vendors to assess how predictive analytics could help optimize our fleet management and trailer pooling solutions, Transmetrics stood out as one of the very few that could actually deliver. Once engaged, we particularly appreciated their can-do attitude: they just kept powering through imperfect data, flawed processes and evolving requirements. Transmetrics is now a valued partner in our mission to increase fleet utilization and lower TCO for logistics and retail companies.
    Yvan Giroud
    Product Manager
    TIP Trailer Services (HNA Group)
  • The big advantage of Transmetrics over many data analytics companies is that they know a lot about logistics and continue to learn since they exclusively focus their knowledge on this one industry. This helps to build models that create tangible benefits. Transmetrics finds solutions to make data work in a generally bad-data environment instead of complaining about the lack of data or data quality. They have assembled a lot of creative thinkers who pragmatically clean data and make it usable – and on the way create unexpected benefits for our dispatchers and managers alike.
    Nils Wemhoener
    Senior Vice President Operations Overland
    Kuehne + Nagel AG
  • With the Transmetrics’ application, the benefits are very visible. Before using Transmetrics’ solution, the rate of fleet utilization was 72%. Currently we have above 82% [utilization] and we are expecting this to increase. We estimate the total cost reduction at 7-9%, which is a great result for us.
    Danail Danailov
    Board Member
    Speedy (DPDgroup)
  • In order to get high load factor we need to forecast. Transmetrics is something we believe in, Big Data is something we believe in and it can add value to our business.
    Global System & Data Manager
    Top 5 Global Logistics Company
  • We are impressed by the improvements delivered by the Transmetrics platform, which were both immediate and quantifiable. Using Transmetrics’ reporting system, we can measure the efficiency of our fleet and set correct KPIs for our warehouse team. The implementation was easy and support from the Transmetrics team is always excellent.
    Alex Petkov
    Director of Operations and Board Member
    Speedy (DPDgroup)

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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 945610.