“More than 43% of trucks on the streets are empty. We want to change that.” – CODE_n interview with Transmetrics

November 24, 2017

The logistics industry, where the slow pace of technological development was once a defining point, is now transforming from a traditional sector into a flagship, showing how technology can solve real-world problems, according to CODE_n. In the recent interview, Lisa Flieg, a CODE_n editor, asked Anna Shaposhnikova and Asparuh Koev, co-founders of Transmetrics, about the future of the logistics sector and what role Trasmetrics plays in it.

“Transport companies run on very low-profit margins, so for them, service levels are really important. The market is highly fragmented and there’s strong competition, so it’s all about delivering goods on time. If they don’t meet service level agreements, they lose customers to competitors. Therefore, companies often have to plan in extra capacity.”

– shared Anna and Asparuh, discussing the idea behind the product.

When asked about the hottest trends in Logistics, Transmetrics co-founders highlighted anticipatory logistics as being one of them –

“There are long-term structural problems within logistics and these are caused by the same problem – which is that the customers of logistics, the shippers, operate just-in-time. They don’t plan enough in advance; they just ship whenever the demand arises. They gain a lot by being just-in-time, but transportation companies have to adapt better to this just-in-time shipping and basically, the way to do this is to use anticipatory logistics.”

“Anticipatory logistics will transform the logistics industry. And it’s already happening right now. We currently have one of the first tools that actually works in this field. Our goal is to develop the company where we have a very powerful and transformative business case for every single logistics service provider which exists. In order to do that, we are currently raising additional funding, mainly to develop these additional use cases.”

– Anna and Asparuh pointed out, talking about the vision for Transmetrics.

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