Mariya Lazarova Joins Transmetrics Team

July 9, 2018

Mariya Lazarova, a data science enthusiast and a talented software developer, joins Transmetrics as a Data Scientist.

Prior to joining Transmetrics, Mariya was working as a Junior Expert at Bulgarian National Bank. Before that, she was a Project Manager Intern at VMware. Mariya graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and, according to her, she greatly enjoys working with data and making sense of it. This is why she decided to pursue a career in Data Science.

“I feel Transmetrics is a great opportunity for me because here I can learn a lot and grow as a data scientist quickly, even though I am just starting,” adds Mariya, speaking of her expectations from Transmetrics. “The problem Transmetrics is working on is both interesting and difficult, which makes the company a desirable employer for any data scientist.”

Apart from her professional life, Mariya loves to do sports – skiing, hiking, yoga, and recently she even started playing squash. She is also a vegetarian and has a passion for crafting things and reading books, but unfortunately, with her busy schedule, there is not much time for that at the moment.

Welcome to the team, Mariya! We hope your journey with Transmetrics will be successful and fulfilling!

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