Junior Software Developer

We are looking for a Junior Software Developer passionate about learning how to write clean, understandable, and maintainable code fit for an enterprise environment.

Our product revolves around providing our clients with key insights about their data, a cutting-edge forecast, and optimization of their business. As Software Developers we get to design and create every step of the process from our Data Warehouse, through the complex and challenging but always interesting client data integration, all the way to presenting our work with a stunning UI to our end users. There is room for innovation on every leg of the journey and we make sure that all voices are heard when making decisions on how to implement something new. There is no endless bouncing from project to project at Transmetrics. Through a continuous integration process, we see our work quickly making a real positive impact on the way customers interact with our software.

We expect you to:

– Be eager to learn the ins and outs of backend design, database interactions, UX polishing and a bit of business logic about the transport industry along the way.
– Have a broad overview of the entire Software-as-a-Service creation process, as you will be able to quickly find out where your interests lie and either focus your work on a narrower area of expertise or do a bit of everything.


Your main responsibilities:

Programming knowledge
A solid understanding of basic OOP principles and hands-on experience with an OOP language, Java being a major plus. Knowledge of good practices when writing code for the web. Ability to understand and write JavaScript, HTML and CSS code, with experience with at least one JS UI framework considered a plus. Knowledge of and basic experience with SQL is needed for a flying start.

A good troubleshooter
Knowing where to find information on why you may be facing an issue is 95% of the battle to fix it. The ability to understand technical documentation and API references guarantees a good start in any software field.

Quick learner
As a junior person with little experience, any candidate for this position is guaranteed to learn a lot as their work progresses. The ability to keep an open mind and to be eager to learn new things is of vital importance.

As we develop our product further, we constantly have to code new features such as UI screens and the server code that operates them – a great way to learn more about full stack development.

Understand new forecasting and optimization prototypes handed over by your colleagues and transform them into solid and maintainable product modules.

We expect a junior developer to grow inside the company. From day one the team is there to help you develop into a good software engineer. Gradually we expect new members to start assisting with data integration and feature design as they get more acquainted with the product and the business logic behind it.

Our tech stack:

  • Java
  • Spring
  • ActiveMQ
  • Quartz Scheduler
  • Hibernate
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Pentaho Data Integration
  • Maven
  • JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Jenkins
  • KendoUI
  • Jira
  • BitBucket

Why Transmetrics Is A Great Place To Work

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About Transmetrics

Transmetrics is a rapidly growing company that is dramatically changing the cargo transport industry worldwide by predicting and optimizing capacity utilization. This is a huge industry - more than €2 trillion globally. At the same time, it is extremely inefficient as average capacity utilization is only 57%, and 1 in 4 trucks you see on the road is traveling empty!

To solve this problem, Transmetrics developed a Big Data predictive analytics SaaS that is designed specifically for cargo transport industry. We use statistical algorithms, data mining, and machine learning techniques to create accurate shipping demand forecasts and to suggest the most optimal transport plan. Being the first company in the world to focus on predictive optimization for the cargo industry, Transmetrics is now a strong and reliable partner for many leading logistics companies worldwide.

Transmetrics founders and the team have extensive domain knowledge in the cargo industry as well as deep technical expertise in building massive data processing and predictive analytics solutions. We have solid backing from both venture capital and high-profile angel investors from the industry.

The opportunity is great, but we need you to help us get there! Build your career with us!


  • "Why did I change cozy Vienna with rapidly developing Sofia? Because I wanted to make a real impact. I used to play football as a kid. Currently, at Transmetrics I feel like playing in the Champions League. We apply the most innovative technological solutions and work with the biggest companies in the world. We compete with Silicon Valley companies, founded by Stanford graduates and Google employees. Despite that, we gradually make our way to the finals. A company to be proud of."

    Dimitar Pavlov > Head of Business Development

  • "At Transmetrics I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge in math and programming to various real-world problems. The logistics industry still works in an old-school way, and I feel like there is a lot to be done in automating and optimizing the operations. It eventually results in lowering the traffic and decreasing the CO2 emissions, which is a big motivating factor for me because of the positive impact my work can have on the planet."

    Alexis Zubiolo > Lead Data Scientist

  • "Data is the Gold Rush of the digital age. In Transmetrics, we develop great tools that give operational data wings. We also give wings to our employees. Six years ago, I started as a data geek who had no background in Software Development. Now, I am the Product Manager and I am managing the biggest development initiative in the history of the company."

    Dessislava Tsvetkova > Product Manager

  • "I choose to work at Transmetrics because I have the ability to contribute to the development of real and promising solutions for the logistics industry. I want to know that my work matters and it could improve my company and make the business of our clients more efficient, which is exactly the case of Transmetrics. On top of that, I appreciate the excellent working conditions such as 25 paid days annual vacation, office in the very center of Sofia and many others."

    Stoyan Hristov > Senior Software Engineer

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