Hristo Buyukliev joins Transmetrics Team

July 10, 2017

Hristo Buyukliev, a dedicated data science and software development practitioner, joins Transmetrics as a Data Scientist.

Prior to joining Transmetrics, Hristo was a Regional Analytics Group Intern at Experian and a Junior Programmer at Browswave. Hristo has an experience of working with several programming languages including Python, Ruby, SAS and SQL. His professional interest lays in the field of practical implementation of mathematical models. In his free time, Hristo prefers to apply mathematical thinking towards such games as chess and poker.

Currently, Hristo holds the leading (1st place) position among 1000+ participants of United Nations Millennium Development Goals challenge hosted by DrivenData. This challenge is based on the set of goals by the UN that aim to increase standards of living around the world by emphasizing human capital, infrastructure, and human rights. The goal of the challenge is to predict the change in various indicators one year and five years into the future (for example, the change in the population making over one dollar per day). Predicting future progress will help the UN to understand how we as a humanity achieve these goals by uncovering complex relations between these goals and other economic indicators.

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