Deyan Nikolov joins Transmetrics Team

November 30, 2017

Deyan Nikolov, an experienced logistics professional, joins Transmetrics as a Lead Business Analyst.

Prior to joining the team, Deyan worked as a Project Manager in partnership with Coca-Cola Bulgaria and as a Hub Manager at Speedy, a member of DPDgroup and a leading courier company in Bulgaria. During his work at Speedy, he started as a hub sorter and pushed his limits to become a hub manager in Sofia, responsible for 300 employees and loading/unloading of 60 trucks per day.

In his interview, Deyan mentioned that he wanted to be a part of Transmetrics because this is the right kind of opportunity to develop his technical skills and go deeper into data science while being close to logistics at the same time. Being a hub manager at Speedy (DPD Bulgaria), Deyan had a chance to work with Transmetrics product directly:

“My first touch with Transmetrics was in the very beginning of the company as a client and a hub manager. We were working together on creating NetMetrics and I was surprised how fast the company was developing the new product and how accurate it was. I was testing it daily and comparing it with my data and the result was above my expectations. At that time I knew that I am working with professionals.”

Speaking of his future career ambitions, Deyan shared that he likes helping people, and one day he may end up being a politician.

However, nothing can describe Deyan better than his life motto: “I will be remembered for the life I lived, not for the money I have earned.”

Welcome to the team, Deyan! We hope you will enjoy your path with Transmetrics!

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