Customer Board

Meet the people who can vouch for Transmetrics product and who provide us with ongoing feedback and guidance

Nils Wemhoener

As an SVP Operations Overland at Kuehne + Nagel, Nils Wemhoener was a Transmetrics project owner on the customer side. Currently, Nils Wemhoener is Director at Amazon Transportation EU.

“The big advantage of Transmetrics over many data analytics companies is that they know a lot about logistics and continue to learn since they exclusively focus their knowledge on this one industry. This helps to build models that create tangible benefits. Transmetrics finds solutions to make data work in a generally bad-data environment instead of complaining about the lack of data or data quality. They have assembled a lot of creative thinkers who pragmatically clean data and make it usable – and on the way create unexpected benefits for our dispatchers and managers alike.”

Carlo Zaalberg

As a Global Director Logistics at NileDutch, Carlo Zaalberg was a Transmetrics project owner on the customer side. Currently, Carlo Zaalberg is COO at CARU Containers.

“We had been looking for a partner who could help us streamline our empty container flows for a long time. There are different IT solutions on the market, but we chose Transmetrics over other providers because they proved their technical expertise and also demonstrated a deep knowledge of the logistics industry and container shipping in particular, which is very difficult to find. I can say that we made the right choice and NileDutch is a satisfied customer.

Transmetrics is a very professional and reliable partner that has throughout the project delivered very good results. They have great project management skills, and also a very dedicated customer approach, which has been perceived very positively by NileDutch. After implementation, Transmetrics is still giving us very good customer service, being open for discussions on product enhancements and being always available for questions and corrections on the data or on the logic where it is needed. Altogether, we are very happy with the nomination of Transmetrics as our partner in empty equipment flow management and we can recommend their services to any other logistics provider in the network."

Nicholas Minde

Nicholas Minde is Senior Vice President Overland Germany at Kuehne + Nagel.

“Transmetrics’ team is flexible and open to new ideas to which they respond very quickly. A main key differentiator for me is that unlike other AI/big data companies, Transmetrics understand the realities of the logistics industry. Transmetrics apply mathematics, statistics and AI algorithms to create a product that makes sense for us, logistics experts, and which can be used in our daily operations to actually benefit our business.”

Danail Danailov

Danail Danailov is a Member of the Board of Directors at Speedy (DPD Bulgaria).

“With the Transmetrics’ application, the benefits are very visible. Before using Transmetrics’ solution, the rate of fleet utilization was 72%. Currently, we have above 82% [utilization] and we are expecting this to increase. We estimate the total cost reduction of 7-9%, which is a great result for us.”

Rogier Laan

Rogier Laan is Vice President Benelux at TIP Trailer Services and the President of the Technical Road Transport Association.

“Working with Transmetrics is a great pleasure for TIP Trailer Services because Transmetrics' team is hands-on, practical, and down to earth. Transmetrics team always provides us with clear guidance regarding what we need to focus on. One of the best things is that Transmetrics' employees have wide industry experience, as the company is specialized in transport and logistics. Furthermore, the equipment experience (knowledge of transportation equipment) of Transmetrics is at a very high level. Transmetrics is very approachable - it's easy for us to reach them whenever we have questions or concerns. They are flexible, so it's easy to change ideas.”

Juma Al Maskari

As a Sales and Business Development Executive at Jan de Rijk, Juma Al Maskari was a Transmetrics project owner on the customer side. Currently, Juma Al Maskari is Manager Central & Eastern Europe at Jan de Rijk Logistics.

"By implementing Transmetrics’ product we hope to get a very detailed prediction of the demand for our transport fleet, which will allow us to reposition our assets to where they are most needed, cut the number of kilometers driven, and maximize the use of drivers’ time. We also hope to be able to know in advance how much extra capacity we need to book through the use of third-party fleets in times of need, in order to meet the peak demand."