Case Study: AI Predictive Optimization for Logistics Asset Management

Download this case study to find out how TIP Trailer Services achieved a 95+% granular forecast accuracy and anticipated an 11% Revenue Increase with the help of AssetMetrics, a predictive optimization software by Transmetrics.

About the Author

Transmetrics offers predictive optimization Software-as-a-Service based on Artificial Intelligence for the cargo transport industry.

By using technologies like machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics, Transmetrics’ products help cargo companies to continuously increase their operational efficiency and reduce costs. Product implementation consists of three steps: data cleansing & enrichment, demand forecasting (based on the cleansed historical data and external factors) and predictive optimization.

Transmetrics works with some of the leading cargo companies in the world, providing them with the tools for proactive and data-driven decision making.