Transmetrics: The Road from Learning to Sharing

Transmetrics: The Road from Learning to Sharing
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On March 18th 2013, we received our initial investment and on that date the idea of Transmetrics turned into a real company. Since then we have grown our dedicated team to almost 20 highly-skilled professionals. We have partnered with several companies from the industry to verify our idea which have resulted in a number of proofs of concept (PoC) and implementations with leading cargo transport companies. We have received several acknowledgements of success by Forbes, Pioneers Festival, EIT ICT Labs Startup Activation and several other organizations. After spending 4 years building the product, completing PoCs and implementing our solution in a number of logistics companies we have been constantly seeking new ways of improving and optimizing efficiency in the industry. We have learned and discovered a lot. However, there is still a lot more to learn and discover, which we would be happy to do together with you, dear readers.

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That is why we decided to start this blog, the main purpose of which is to explore, analyze and redefine the industry by reviewing the trends that will build the future of logistics. Drones, Driverless Trucks, Physical Internet and Predictive Analytics are just a few of new disruptive developments which will become core elements of the industry in the next 5-10 years. In order to properly highlight and analyze the trends in the industry, we will be using the following formats on our blog: 

  • Articles with our perspective on the present and future of logistics;
  • Curated news releases that will highlight innovation and the direction in which  the industry is moving;
  • Guest articles by opinion leaders and experts from the industry;
  • Interviews with notable contributors;
  • Industry related surveys, and other.

We hope that by creating this blog we can help the industry move forward and learn together about new technologies and new ways to advance. If these topics matter to you as much as they do to us, we would be glad to receive your feedback and suggestions for the topics we should touch upon. We are just in the beginning of our blog journey. We believe that only a collaborative approach will enable the industry to grow in a healthy way and we are happy to contribute our expertise to the community and share our perspective with you, our readers.

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