Best Logistics Technology News – September 2020

Best Logistics Technology News – September 2020
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Here is the list of topics in the September issue of “Across Logistics” Technology News Overview:

Logistics Technology Investment and M&A’s

sennder acquires Uber’s European Freight Business

Picture Credit: sennder

sennder, Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder, announced that it has acquired Uber’s European freight business in an all-stock transaction. The two companies have joined forces to further revolutionize the digital freight industry across Europe, the US, and Canada. Uber will acquire a minority stake in sennder as part of this deal, and its European freight business will continue operating under the sennder brand.

This acquisition marks sennder’s further consolidation of the trucking market and extends the group’s local presence to include Amsterdam. It is sennder’s second transaction this year, having merged with French counterpart Everoad in June, and following a recently established Joint Venture with Poste Italiane, Italy’s largest logistics operator.

The deal strengthens sennder’s position as the largest digital freight forwarder in Europe and enhances its service capabilities across its key markets. Uber will continue to grow and invest in its Uber Freight business across the US and Canada, while Uber Freight will collaborate with sennder as leading digital logistics providers in North America and Europe. Through this agreement, Uber Freight will offer its customers substantially extended reach in Europe.

“We are immensely proud to have created the leading digital road freight forwarder in Europe, moving more than 50,000 loads every month across 31 countries. This acquisition strengthens our position as Europe’s number one digital logistics provider. We also look forward to working with Uber Freight to bring further value to both companies’ customers,” – stated David Nothacker, CEO and Co-Founder of sennder.

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Exotec Raises $90M to Support the International Expansion of Its Warehouse Robotics Solutions

Exotec, a leading robotics solution for logistics and creator of the Skypod 3D warehouse robots, announces today a $90 million financing round, led by 83North – with participation from Dell Technologies Capital – and supported by historical investors, Iris Capital and Breega.

This new funding will further fuel Exotec’s international development, especially their recently formed Atlanta and Tokyo teams, and help them meet the growing demand for warehouse automation technology in the United States and Asia. Exotec has the ambition to become the leader in robotics solutions for logistics and forecasts they will produce up to 4,000 robots per year by 2021.

Exotec’s revolutionary robots allow retailers and e-merchants to quadruple their warehouse productivity and increase up to five times their storage capacity. Their autonomous robots can move in a unique three-dimensional pattern at a speed of 13 feet per second, creating a faster and more efficient picking and preparation process.

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Trucking Technology

The TRATON GROUP and TuSimple Enter Global Partnership for Autonomous Trucks

Picture Credit: TRATON GROUP/TuSimple

The TRATON GROUP and TuSimple, a San Diego based self-driving technology company focused on heavy-duty trucks, enter into a global partnership to develop self-driving trucks. TRATON and TuSimple have launched a development program to operate the first SAE level 4 autonomous hub-to-hub route between Södertälje to Jönköping in Sweden using Scania trucks. As part of the partnership, TRATON has also taken a minority stake in TuSimple.

The first test vehicles underway are aiming for Level 4 (high automation). TuSimple has already been trying out its technology since 2015 with several million test kilometers on public roads and is a leading developer of autonomous driving, for example in the fields of perception and night vision.

“The global partnership with TuSimple is another step towards becoming a Global Champion. Innovative future technologies that provide additional value to our customers represent a key part of our strategy,” said Matthias Gründler, Chief Executive Officer at TRATON GROUP.

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Other Logistics Technology News

DCSA Releases First Set of Standards for Cargo Operations

When preparing port calls, it is essential for the vessel operator to be able to forecast the estimated number of container moves (load and discharge) in order to estimate the required terminal equipment (cranes etc.), and hence, the duration of the call. As such, the vessel operator relies on receiving timely and accurate information from partners about the volume of containers they intend to load within their allocation and how the contents need to be stowed.

To address this need, DCSA has releasedLoad List and Bay Plan Definitions, which puts forth standards and timelines for communication of container volumes and stowage details between VSA (vessel sharing agreement) partners, terminals, and ports. In agreement with DCSA’s nine member carriers, the definitions combine existing event standards with recommended submission timelines developed by DCSA.

Adoption of DCSA Load List and Bay Plan Definitions will help maximize the efficiency of cargo operations and enable better planning of related shipping activities. This is the first in a series of standards releases from DCSA that specifically address cargo operations. Subsequent standards will expand to topics such as empty handling and dangerous goods.

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DSV Enters Self-Storage Market with Innovative Solution

Picture Credit: DSV

DSV opened its first self-storage building as part of the company’s new strategic focus on the BtC self-storage market. Aimed at consumers and small businesses, DSV’s self-storage concept, Smarter Storage, will be operated and marketed separately from DSV’s business-to-business services, but the strong DSV organization is still behind the endeavor.

The core of the new concept developed by DSV is its 100% digital platform with the Smarter Storage app being the key component. Customers can use the app on their phone or tablet to enter the unmanned facility, while booking, payment, and signing the contract can be done online via phone or tablet. The first Smarter Storage facility was recently built in Copenhagen and comprises 5,500 sqm of storage space divided into more than 700 rooms and compartments. 

We have extensive warehouse know-how and believe that we can add value to the self-storage market by introducing an innovative, digital solution that makes self-storage easily accessible and convenient for consumers and small businesses,” added Executive Vice President of Group Property at DSV Panalpina, Brian Winther Almind.

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