Best Logistics Technology News – October 2020

Best Logistics Technology News – October 2020
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Here is the list of topics in the September issue of “Across Logistics” Technology News Overview:

Logistics Technology Investment

Einride Secures $10 Million to Accelerate Autonomous Truck Deployment

Picture Credit: Einride

Einride, a Swedish technology company that develops and provides freight transport solutions based on electric and autonomous vehicles, has announced $10 million in new funding from existing investors led by impact fund – Norrsken VC. This new round of funds will be used to fast track the official launch of its Einride Pods and meet the overwhelming demand from existing clients including Oatly, Lidl, and more.

According to the company’s statement, Einride is the first amongst its competitors to have a solution in production and generate revenue It is also the first freight transport start-up to operate a truly driverless heavy transport vehicle on a public road. In addition, Einride is the only company to operate these vehicles daily at customer sites.

Later in October, the company has also launched the next generation of its groundbreaking truck – Pod, featuring a refined design, which makes the new generation of trucks more aerodynamic and functional while also preparing them for wide-scale production and commercialization on a global scale.

“There is both a lot of excitement and a lot of uncertainty about autonomous trucking, but the fact remains: this is one of the largest business opportunities in the history of mankind. We have a unique opportunity to make transport both exponentially safer and more sustainable. It’s something the vast majority of us want, but many are unsure of how to get there and resort to half-measures. We expect to see the autonomous transport industry expand exponentially in the coming years, especially in the wake of a global pandemic,” added Robert Falck, CEO of Einride.

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Agility Robotics Raises $20 Million to Build and Further Deploy Humanoid Robots for Logistics and e-Commerce Operations

Picture Credit: Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics, a leading maker of legged robots, announced today the close of a $20 million investment. The investment will enable the company to meet the demand from logistics providers, e-commerce retailers, and others for robots that can work alongside humans to automate repetitive, physically demanding, or dangerous work safely and scalably, even in the majority of spaces that are not purpose-built for automation. Agility Robotics has raised a total of $29m since its founding in 2015.

Digit, Agility Robotics’ humanoid robot with both mobility and manipulation capabilities, is commercially available and has been shipping to customers since July 2020. Digit is designed around a human form factor and built after two decades of research and development from the team on human-like dynamic mobility and manipulation and can handle unstructured indoor and outdoor terrain, going where people go.

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Other Logistics Technology News

Waymo Partners with Daimler Trucks to Build Autonomous Freightliner Cascadia

Picture Credit: Daimler/Waymo

In October, Daimler Trucks and Waymo have signed a broad, global, strategic partnership to deploy autonomous SAE L4 technology. Their initial effort will combine Waymo’s industry-leading automated driver technology with a unique version of Daimler’s Freightliner Cascadia, to enable autonomous driving.

According to W Waymo and Daimler Trucks official statement, both companies share the common goal of improving road safety and efficiency for fleet customers. The autonomous Freightliner Cascadia truck, equipped with the Waymo Driver, will be available to customers in the U.S. in the coming years. Waymo and Daimler Trucks will investigate expansion to other markets and brands in the near future.

“As the leader of our industry, Daimler Trucks is the pioneer of automated trucking. In recent years, we have achieved significant progress on our global roadmap to bringing series-produced highly automated trucks to the road. With our strategic partnership with Waymo as the leader in autonomous driving, we are taking another important step towards that goal. This partnership complements Daimler Trucks’ dual strategy approach, of working with two strong partners to deliver autonomous L4 solutions that are seamlessly integrated with our best-in-class trucks, to our customers,” said Martin Daum, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler Truck AG and Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG.

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Intel Launches Dimensional Measurement Tool for Logistics

Intel introduced Intel RealSense Dimensional Weight Software (DWS), a commercially-ready volumetric-measurement solution with industry-leading accuracy and speed. Designed with Intel’s proprietary volumetric-measurement SDK and based on the Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515, the DWS solution aims to transform dimensional measurement throughout the logistics industry.

By leveraging the world’s smallest hi-res LiDAR camera, the Intel RealSense L515, to scan and calculate the measurement and volume of an object in seconds, Intel DWS allows for real-time decision-making across receiving, inventory management, and shipping without any disruption to existing processes.

This camera offers unparalleled depth quality with 23 million depth points per second, making DWS accurate at both a near (0.8 meter) and far (4 meters) range and recognizing boxes as small as 5 cubic centimeters to full-size pallets.

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