Interview with Thomas Bagge, CEO & Statutory Director of the Digital Container Shipping Association

Interview with Thomas Bagge DCSA

Before containerization was introduced to shipping, the industry had suffered from tremendous inefficiencies – it could take up to two weeks just to load and unload a ship. The extensive use of containers has not only saved shippers a huge amount of time, but it has also had an incredible impact on our global access to affordable goods: The quantity of goods carried by containers has risen from around 102 million metric tons in 1980 to about 1.83 billion metric tons in 2017. Now, the container shipping industry yet again is facing a challenge which results in major inefficiencies, vital need for clarity and visibility – the lack of industry-wide standards.

That’s why five of the shipping industry’s biggest names, Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, MSC, CMA CGM, and Ocean Network Express, came together to form the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) in April 2019. Since its initiation, Evergreen Line, HMM, Yang Ming, and Zim have also joined, and now the DCSA represents ~70% of the container shipping industry. The main aim of the association is to create common information technology standards for digitalization and interoperability in an effort to make the industry more efficient for both customers and shipping lines.

In order to understand more about how the DCSA plans to move the shipping industry forward, Transmetrics’ Co-Founder and CCO Anna Shaposhnikova spoke with Thomas Bagge, CEO and Statutory Director of the DCSA. Thomas has spent over 12 years in various transformation activities at Maersk covering people, processes, and technology and his extensive industry expertise is a crucial aspect for leading DCSA.

Interview with Ferry Heilemann, CEO and Co-Founder of FreightHub

Ferry Heilemann FreightHub
The logistics startup scene has never been so robust and forward-looking as it is at the moment. These companies are bringing the fresh innovative spirit to the industry and solving the most complex problems by using the latest technology. A prominent example of such startup is FreightHub, a company based in Berlin and Hamburg and one of the first digital freight forwarders. They provide improved transparency and efficiency by introducing digitization to an industry, dominated by lacking customer service and analog structures.

This time, we had a chance to talk with Ferry Heilemann, FreightHub CEO and Co-Founder. After selling his first tech startup DailyDeal to Google in 2011, Mr. Heilemann and his co-founders have decided to digitize the global freight forwarding industry in 2016. In the following conversation with Transmetrics, he shares the insights about the challenges of logistics startups as well as the opportunities to disrupt the industry.

Blockchain in Logistics – Will it Change the Industry? (Part 2)

Blockchain in Logistics – Will it Change the Industry? (Part 2)
In our previous post, we discussed the history of blockchain and some of the benefits it has for the transportation and logistics industry. This is a continuation of the interview with a blockchain expert Martijn Siebrand, who talks more about the intersection of blockchain and logistics – more specifically, on how the technology is already being used in the industry, how it could be used in the future and what logistics companies need to do to get on board.

Blockchain in Logistics – Will It Change the Industry? (Part 1)

Blockchain in Logistics – Will It Change the Industry? (Part 1)
Since its first implementation with bitcoin back in 2008, blockchain has shown extreme promise to upend a number of industries – and most recently, the industry in the spotlight has been transport and logistics. In December, logistics leader UPS joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance. In January, Maersk and IBM announced their intention to form a blockchain joint venture. And in February, Warren Buffet’s BNSF Railway joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance as the first of seven major railroads to do so.

To understand more about this industry transition, Transmetrics’ Co-Founder and CCO Anna Shaposhnikova spoke with Martijn Siebrand, expert and advisor in blockchain technology in Supply Chains.

Nils Wemhoener on New Technologies & Transformation in the Logistics Industry

Nils Wemhoener Interview
It is our pleasure to introduce to you Transmetrics’ latest Advisory Board member Nils Wemhoener, a former Senior Vice President Operations Overland for Kuehne + Nagel AG. Mr. Wemhoener is a Logistics and Supply Chain Management professional with an innovative mindset and over 15 years of T&L and Consultancy experience. In this interview conducted by Transmetrics’ Co-Founder and CCO Anna Shaposhnikova, Mr. Wemhoener talks about his industry experience and shares his views on innovation and digital transformation in the logistics sector as well as his motivation to join us at Transmetrics.

“Can Logistics Predict the Economy?” – Interview with João Monteiro, a Managing Director and Founder of LogIndex

João Monteiro
Logistics is behind every product in our world. Electronics, apparel, consumables – everything is being manufactured and moved around the globe in order to be delivered to the end customer. Logistics is a hidden power which stands behind the global economy, supports it and influences it in a lot of ways. However, this power is not unstoppable, because of such unpredictable events as the famous cyber attack on Maersk, which paralyzed global trade for several months. It did not stop consumers from purchasing more products though. With an increase of e-commerce volumes that will double by 2021, more and more goods are going to be shipped around the world. The question is – Can logistics actually predict the economy by using the historical data from the industry?

Physical Internet: Shaping the Future of Global Logistics

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the logistics industry. Innovation in the space has never been greater with new technologies like driverless trucks, artificial intelligence, delivery drones, smart infrastructures, collaborative platforms, and the industrial internet of things transforming the global logistics supply chain. Finally, an industry once criticized for being slow to embrace new ideas is getting recognized as the leading edge of how technology can solve real-world problems.

Interview with Dirk Reich about the Logistics Industry and Entrepreneurship

Dirk Reich

Today, we would like to share with you an interview which our Chief Commercial Officer – Anna Shaposhnikova had with one of the industry champions, Dirk Reich.

Dirk Reich is an active board member of Panalpina and LSG Group, former CEO of Cargolux and former management board member of Kuehne + Nagel.

We are honored that Mr. Reich recently joined the Advisory Board of Transmetrics.