10 Best Logistics Blogs You Should Follow

10 Best Logistics Blogs You Should Follow
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When you are looking for news and expertise in logistics technologies and companies, where do you typically go? The truth is, there is such a big influx of articles and “expertise” that it can be difficult to find the relevant, actionable, and most importantly, up-to-date articles on logistics.

While logistics and supply chain publications with relevant information certainly exist, some of them are locked behind a paywall, making it hard to easily access valuable industry insights. Luckily, there are plenty of free logistics blogs that are just as valuable and filled with expert interviews, latest industry news and opinions, product highlights, and so much more. In this article, we have decided to make a list of the high-quality logistics blogs to help you get the information and news you need — without wasting any time or effort.

In case you want to stay updated about the topic of logistics innovations or receive updates about the logistics events in the future:

1. Bringg

Bringg is a Delivery Orchestration Platform that uses automation, machine learning, and proprietary technology applications to create delivery and logistics solutions. The platform enables its customers to manage a supply chain ecosystem from a single platform, creating delivery logistics solutions including everything from warehouse and inventory to routing and branded delivery tracking.

With all their expertise in the field, Bringg has created a blog to provide news, trends, events and the particular challenges within delivery logistics. You can find posts on new delivery technology, retail logistics, food delivery, and warehouse operations. Whether you want to learn about same-day delivery skills or how to tackle significant days like Black Friday and Christmas, this blog is sure to help you gain key insights.

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Article Highlights:

4 Last-Mile Delivery Challenges for eCommerce

How Redirecting Deliveries to PUDOs Improves Efficiency and Convenience

Double-Edged Sword from Seattle: Amazon, Their Marketplace, and Third Parties

2. FreightHub

FreightHub is a digital, asset-free freight service provider that offers logistics solutions in the sea, rail, and air freight, as well as multi-modal transportation. The company also facilitates online management of container load plans, custom clearance booking, and cargo insurance.

FreightHub blog articles include freight advice such as how to change a freight forwarder in less than four hours, information about Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) shipping, and the best types of cargo and freight transport. The blog also offers practical advice such as how the logistics sector can prepare for heavy traffic times like Black Friday, the German-Asian export strategy, or planning customs clearance in your supply chain.

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Article Highlights:

DDP Incoterms: Everything you need to know about Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping

Modes of Transportation explained: Which type of cargo and freight transportation is the best?

CIF Incoterm: Meaning and Rules for Your Freight

3. Transmetrics

Transmetrics is one of the leading predictive optimization solution providers for logistics. By using Artificial Intelligence and data science, Transmetrics’ SaaS tools help cargo companies to continuously increase their operational efficiency and significantly reduce costs through data cleansing and enrichment, demand forecasting and predictive optimization. Today, Transmetrics works with some of the leading cargo companies in the world, and for its innovative solutions, Business Insider Intelligence named Transmetrics among Top 5 AI Startups for Supply Chain Management.

Readers can access articles regarding the latest trends in logistics technology, such as challenges and solutions around AI in logistics, creating and using quality data, logistics planning, and so much more. The Logistics of the Future series offers readers a deep look into different facets of the logistics industry, whether it’s highlighting a wide range of startups innovating with AI solutions, or examining huge challenges for all logistics companies. The monthly “Across Logistics” feature post reveals a sweeping look at all of the most important and up-to-date logistics technology news, from funding announcements to partnership launches and exciting product developments. In addition, every month Transmetrics selects a logistics startup with promising technologies or interesting approaches to logistics challenges and publishes insightful interviews with those startups’ founders for an inside look behind the scenes of their development.

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Article Highlights:

Interview with Thomas Bagge, CEO & Statutory Director of the Digital Container Shipping Association

Top 10 Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Trends in 2020

Augmented Intelligence for Logistics Planning

4. Logistics Viewpoints

Launched in January 2009 by the ARC Advisory Group, a technology market research firm that often focuses on the supply chain, Logistics Viewpoints covers how emerging trends in technology, outsourcing, regulations, and business practices can impact jobs and companies. The overall aim of this logistics blog is to provide clear and concise analyses of logistics trends, technologies, and services.

The Logistics Viewpoints blog offers a wide range of articles that demonstrate how current world events and changing sectors make an impact on the logistics industry. Whether it’s a stock market crash or a rapidly evolving sector like 3D printing and e-commerce retail, this logistics blog helps readers understand how their business might be impacted in the near future. In addition, the “Editor’s Choice” series highlights timely posts providing supply chain insights and advice such as how to create a sustainable supply chain, or how to better plan and execute shipping routes. Finally, readers can also peruse the section for market studies and technology selection guides, and even listen to the podcast on risks, ethics, and compliance within the logistics sector.

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Article Highlights:

No Driver Working Today Will Need to Change Careers Because of Autonomous Trucks

How Amazon Changed Whole Foods

Sneak Peek: How Warehouses are Adapting to Rapidly Changing Demands

5. project44

project44 is an advanced visibility platform that focuses on rapid automation processes and collaborations with stakeholders. The company has a robust multimodal network that enables customers to track inventory throughout a journey, including truckload, less than truckload (LTL), volume LTL, groupage, ocean, rail, parcel, and final mile. Their services also focus on data integrity and workflow automation for its logistics clients.

For those seeking out information about shippers, carriers, and logistics providers with a focus on transforming their visibility, the project44 blog is the place to go. They often publish lessons from experts about transitioning from manual and legacy visibility methods in favor of digitalization and significant conversations regarding the sustainability of the supply chain. In addition, this logistics blog covers information about the need for data integrity, inventory management, and other aspects of the delivery economy. You can also access informative Q&As with industry experts and thought leaders.

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Article Highlights:

6 Years of Delivering High-Fidelity Data: The Secret to Advanced Visibility

No Part of the Supply Chain is Immune from the Delivery Economy

The Technologies Supply Chain Managers Should Add to Their Toolbox

6. Talking Logistics

As the title suggests, this blog “talks” logistics. Talking Logistics is an online video talk show and blog created by industry expert Adrian Gonzalez, founder, and president of Adelante SCM, a peer-to-peer learning and networking community for supply chain and logistics executives and young professionals. Through the Adelante community, industry professionals can share ideas and expertise amongst themselves in a trusted and private space. They also conduct research on logistics trends such as omnichannel logistics and supply channel innovation.

In his videos and articles, Gonzalez discusses the challenges of the industry and discusses them with thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics. Topics featured cover industry trends, news, and regulations, transportation management, and the impact of global trade and technology on logistics.

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Article Highlights:

Four Signs It’s Time to Rethink Transportation Management

Value-Added Services: A Key Driver of Business Growth for 3PLs

What Does Great Look Like In Logistics?

7. Cerasis

Cerasis is a US-based transportation management company that offers over-the-road transportation management solutions and a TMS called the Cerasis Rater to reduce common shipping problems that stem from accounting, reverse logistics, carrier relations, last-mile delivery, and more. The Cerasis blog covers information about freight resources and all that revolves around it. Calling it the ‘freight institute’, Cerasis promotes its blog as the perfect place to learn about freight invoice auditing trends, freight claims management trends, inventory management best practices, and how the industry is embracing technology.

Readers also have access to printable guides, valuable video resources, and quick guides such as freight class flyer and density calculator, common transport terminology, and common standard freight trailer specifications. In addition, the blog has a ‘Freight Project Podcast’ – a good place to get business advice from industry experts in the supply chain and freight logistics.

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Article Highlights:

11 Inventory Management Best Practices & the Role of Technology

The Top 5 Changes That Occur With AI in Logistics

2020 Trends in Reverse Logistics: The Year Returns Become as Critical as Outbound

8. Container xChange

xChange is an online platform for container logistics working on empty container repositioning solutions, helping businesses search for containers to use and supply, negotiate online, create improved tracking, and even offer value-added-services like insurance and payment handling. To use the platform, clients can enter their requests for moving containers to a preferred location and find vetted partners for one-way moves within seconds. Clients can also monitor their one-way container moves on a real-time dashboard and receive container tracking alerts. 

The Container xChange blog tells you everything that you want to know about container logistics: Whether it’s about SOC (Shipper’s Own Container) containers, shipping processes, digitalization, ports, and terminals, or container sustainability, xChange has you covered. Moreover, it discusses the latest updates and news on container logistics and publishes opinion pieces from industry experts that advise you about managing your container logistics business.

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Article Highlights:

Container Leasing, Owning and xChanging

Demurrage & Detention Charges explained

SOC Containers compared to COC Containers

9. Xeneta

As a company, Xeneta offers intelligent benchmarking and rate data analysis for air and ocean freight rates. The company also identifies market intelligence that impacts customer logistics strategy, such as the influence of world events on the logistics industry — primarily those like Brexit and trade wars, to name a few recent ones.

Apart from shipping and logistics news, the Xeneta blog offers insights on the changing container freight and supply chain industry. The blog’s categories span from container capacity to carriers and benchmarking. Its blog posts often include information about how the logistics market is behaving, including long-term market observations and analysis, negotiation, and public indices. The blog also keeps you updated about innovations in Xeneta’s own products.

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Article Highlights:

How to Lower Your Ocean Freight Costs

Big Data, Big Promises, Big Solutions

What Really Drives Price in Ocean Freight Contracting

10. Freightos

Freightos is an online freight marketplace and SaaS software that helps leading logistics companies to automate their internal freight rate management, pricing, routing, and business intelligence. The platform enables clients to instantly compare air, ocean and trucking freight quotes from over 75 providers with a balance of price and transit time from reliable forwarders and carriers. Clients can also access on-demand tracking, live updates, and proactive issue resolution from trusted providers. 

This deep freight expertise allows the Freightos blog to offer insights into what these types of tech solutions can do for the logistics industry. The blog helps readers understand the nuances of the digital freight industry, covering the latest trends such as digital air cargo and offering thought leadership articles on industry partnerships and developments. Often, the Freightos blog analyzes services and products from logistics leaders such as FedEx and Air Cargo. Apart from that, readers can find advice on building customer experiences while focusing on technology.

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Article Highlights:

Digital Air Cargo – A Conceptual and Technological Revolution

How Logistics Is Proving that Amazon Needs to Be Regulated

Is Freight Digitalization Still An Existential Threat?

Transmetrics Demo