“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: May 2017

“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: May 2017
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Welcome to the third Issue of our “Across Logistics” Innovation News Release. In this issue, we are covering news from logistics industry on such topics as the Internet of Things (IoT), alternative energy sources, automated ship and Uber Freight. In addition to that, as usual, we are presenting the “Company of the Month” profile which is changing tank container industry by matching the supply and demand.

In this issue, you will be able to find news on the following topics:

World’s first zero-emission, fully automated container ship

We have already covered the rise of autonomous cars and trucks in our previous issues. In fact, there is already a high competition between the vehicle manufacturers around the world. However, if somebody tells you that there is a ship which is fully autonomous and also works 100% on batteries, you will be surprised to know that this project is already under development. According to the latest news, Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara and maritime technology firm Kongsberg Gruppe are teaming up to construct the world’s first fully electric and self-steering containership. The goal of this project is to reduce diesel-powered truck haulage between two Norwegian cities Brevik and Larvik by 40,000 journeys a year. The operations are planned to start during the second half of 2018 with the vessel operating fully autonomous by 2020.

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DHL tests Internet of Things in their warehouses

Another cutting-edge technology which is being tested in the logistics industry is Internet of Things (IoT).  Internet of Thigs was already implemented in other industries and now it is the time for this technology to take a lead to improve operations in the logistics. So what exactly is IoT? Basically, this is a set of sensors and scanners embedded in regular objects which main purpose is to collect, send and receive data through the internet, therefore forming an interconnected set of devices producing useful data, that can later be processed to optimize the usage of those objects. For example, recent news from DHL Supply Chain demonstrates how this technology can optimize operational efficiency in the warehouses while improving the safety in the workplace. This solution was developed together with Cisco and Conduce, a startup which helps to visualize and provide valuable insights for the decision makers based on data collected from scanners and sensors collected all across the warehouse.

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UPS started testing the hydrogen cell delivery truck

Picture Credit: UPS

Alternative energy sources. How fast are they penetrating our lives? Yes, it seems that the whole world is in the race towards bright and electro-powered future. But this electricity needs to be produced somehow? And what if you need to produce the electricity on-the-go, in the vehicle? Well, UPS has an answer – recently they have announced that they started testing a hydrogen cell powered delivery truck.  The vehicle will use the fuel cell which takes compressed hydrogen gas and converts it into electricity which then powers the truck, with the only byproduct being water. In addition to that, the hydrogen cell will support the full duty cycle of the truck, including highway driving.

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Uber officially goes after freight market

Since 2016 it has been constantly rumored that Uber is testing their service Uber Freight which main purpose is to connect truck drivers with the goods that have to be transported. However, on May 18th the company officially announced the launch of their service. Following the example of Uber, which main goal was to replace the middlemen between a driver and a person who needs a ride with an IT solution, Uber Freight is replacing the brokerage firms that are usually linking drivers to a cargo or vice versa with their app. Uber has a big advantage when it comes to software and data analytics, and this fact leads to an IT solution that will not only provide better match but will also decrease costs that were arising when using the brokerage. Along with their intention to invest in the development of driverless trucks, Uber seems to have a pretty solid strategy for the logistics sector which, we have to say, could be very successful.

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Company of the Month: TankContainerFinder.com

Picture Credit: TankContainerFinder.com

Every month we are selecting one outstanding example from the industry – the company which can alter the way people in the industry operate. This month our pick is TankContainerFinder.com – a matchmaker for the tank container industry. But who can explain the company better than its founders? We thought so too, so we decided to ask one of the founders of TankContainerFinder.com Léon de Bruin a couple of questions:

Transmetrics: In short, what does Tankcontainerfinder do? What problem of the industry does it solve?

Léon: TankContainerFinder.com is a matchmaker for supply and demand in the tank container market. We connect companies and make the role of most middlemen obsolete. Also, we realize new business connections via an easy to use interface. We help with re-positioning tank containers and to avoid empty returns.

Transmetrics: How does Tankcontainerfinder disrupt the tank container industry? In other words, what kind of innovation you bring to solve the problem?

Léon: We bring businesses directly together via a 2-sided platform and get rid of most middlemen and closed networks. Companies directly connect with each other, which creates new business and more synergy and cost savings for existing relations in the market. We’ll add more sides to our platform on a short term. The first step is to connect tank container repair depots and cleaning stations.

Transmetrics: Where do you think tank container industry is going? In your opinion, what will be major trends redefining the industry in the nearest future?

Léon: A complete turnaround from an asset (tank container) driven to a service (customer) driven focus which will ultimately lead to full UBERization of the tank container market. Trends will be more customer focus, digitization, and cooperation between the tank container operators.
If you are interested further in the concept of the company, the following video, created by talented people from Funk-E Animation will explain it in less than 2 minutes.

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