“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: March 2017

“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: March 2017
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Welcome to our news release, we love that you are here. “Across Logistics” Innovation News Release is a monthly publication where we scour the Transport & Logistics news to bring you the most disruptive projects, latest technologies being tested in the field and the most controversial issues that the industry is facing right now.

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Now, on to the good stuff, this issue will present:

Jeff Bezos next shipping route? Earth-to-Moon

Picture Credit: Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos has always been a visionary type of a leader. We usually think of Elon Musk and his Space-X when we talk about the private sector in space-related industries, but as this article points out “A good delivery service will be key to establishing a functioning lunar settlement” and this niche might be taken by Bezos’ “Blue Origin” in the future. This is quite a vital move, and right now we can see and learn from the sector that is just emerging and which can potentially be one of the most profitable when moon-travel will become just a commodity.

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Blockchain – the new standard

Picture credit: Maersk Line

Blockchain is a relatively new technology, however a lot of analytics forecast a bright future for it. The security is built into a blockchain via the distributed timestamping server and a peer-to-peer network, and the result is a database that is managed autonomously in a decentralized way. This makes blockchains excellent for recording events — use of empty cargo containers — transactions, identity management, and even medical records. Basically, it offers to eliminate intermediaries from trade and transaction processing by replacing them with a network of servers. More and more companies are incorporating blockchain in their workflow. And one of the shipping giants – Maersk – is not an exception. In fact, for them, it is also a tool to fight against decreasing trade volumes and engage their partners to work more collaboratively.

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Volkswagen jumping on the cloud wagon

One of the right steps to increase company’s profits is to oversee technological advancements that might help the company in a strategic way. Volkswagen Truck and Bus division over the next few months’ plans to roll out a new cloud-based service that will connect trucks remotely with their owners and customers while providing data for predictive analytics for use in maintenance planning and repairs. The service will be called RIO.

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AUTOLIVERY is Ford’s vision of the future

Picture Credit: YouTube/Ford Europe

Driverless vehicles have already become a hot topic not only in transport and logistics industry but in the tech industry in general. The Alphabet is investing a lot into R&D of its driverless car company Waymo. Uber now is going into freight with Otto, self-driving lorry startup that the company acquired last year. But autonomous cars are still cars, so it is inevitable that big automobile producers are also looking towards driverless delivery niches. During the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Ford presented the concept of last mile delivery self-driving vans called Autolivery. Although, the concept is as promising as it is controversial. The more driverless delivery vehicles are on the road; the more drivers are afraid to become unemployed.

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Teaming up for innovation

Picture Credit: Daimler

One thing is to bring innovation to the world, another thing is to form a partnership in order to achieve this goal together. This is what Hermes and Mercedes-Benz Vans are dealing with together – they teamed up to start using electric vehicles for the last mile delivery. The focus of this initiative will be economy, efficiency, and sustainability of electric vehicles. In addition to that, as a part of their strategic relationship, Hermes and Mercedes-Benz will implement connection services, which will allow optimizing the route of the vehicle based on data from the battery of the vehicle and the remaining range of delivery.

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We hope you enjoy this monthly digest of exciting news and projects as much as we do. Please stay tuned for the next issue of “Across Logistics” Innovation News Release where we will delve into more news that influence the industry.
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