“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: April 2018

“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: April 2018
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Welcome to the April 2018 issue of “Across Logistics” Innovation News Release, where we are presenting you the latest innovative technologies and important news in logistics that happened in April. 

Here is the list of topics in this issue:

Electrified Road Trial Launches in Sweden

Swedish consortium eRoadArlanda has announced this month that they are launching a 2 km trial electrified road between the Arlanda Cargo Terminal and the Rosersberg logistics area outside Stockholm. The technology for the project was developed by Elways and allows to transmit energy over the large distances with small losses. The energy is transferred from a rail in the road to vehicles moving above via the movable arm connected to the bottom of a car/truck.  The rail system can also calculate exactly how much energy a particular vehicle consumed in order to offer pay-as-you-go billing.

“One of the most important issues of our time is the question of how to make fossil-free road transportation a reality. We now have a solution that will make this possible, which is amazing,” – says Hans Säll, chairman of the eRoadArlanda consortium

According to the consortium, the technology is easy and quick to install with minimal alterations to the existing infrastructure. In addition to that, a conductive feed works with all types of transport including cars and larger vehicles such as trucks and buses.

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XPO Logistics Announces Digital Freight Marketplace XPO Connect

Picture Credit: XPO Logistics

On April 11th, XPO Logistics announced the introduction of a cloud-based, digital freight marketplace XPO Connect. According to the company, the marketplace uses the latest technology in order to provide its users with fully automated, self-learning and dynamic experience. By engaging with the platform, shippers can gain access to Business Intelligence to purchase and organize transportation more efficiently. XPO Connect features include visibility of fluctuations in carrier capacity, spot rates and geographical load postings as well as the access to loads assignation and live freight movements. According to the company’s press release, the marketplace is designed to work with all modes of transportation.

“We’re tireless when it comes to finding new ways to make supply chains more efficient. XPO Connect gives customers a direct access to our transportation network and the predictive data that powers it. The platform provides a new level of visibility that informs better decision-making under all market conditions,” – points out Mario Harik, chief information officer of XPO Logistics.

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Geodis Reports Successful Trial of Warehouse Drone System, Announces Implementation

Picture Credit: Geodis/Delta Drone

GEODIS and French unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) maker Delta Drone have confirmed that they successfully completed tests for their drone warehouse system, which replaces the need for human labor in the inventory-warehouse setting. The system consists of a ground, battery-powered robot and a quadcopter drone equipped with four high-definition cameras, controlled by geolocation technology. The main advantages of this system are the productivity gains generated by performing the inventories outside warehouse operating hours, greater safety at work for the site’s employees and a greater reliability of the inventory in the warehouse. According to the companies, the solution will be operational by the end of 2018.

“More than 1,000 flight hours in prototype mode across three pilot warehouses were required to arrive at this unique solution, which allows companies to perform completely automatic warehouse inventories without interrupting their usual operations or requiring any human intervention.” – adds Geodis in their official press release.

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DHL Global Forwarding Introduces Start-Up Helpdesk in Berlin

Picture Credit: Deutsche Post DHL

DHL Global Forwarding has launched a helpdesk in Berlin that aims to meet the specific needs of start-up companies in the fields of Logistics and Supply Chain development in and beyond Germany. According to DHL, with the growth of e-commerce, this solution is an essential way of helping entrepreneurs to enter the international market by advising them how to deal with customs, regulations and transport routes.

“Our customer base of start-ups with global operations is growing rapidly at our branch in Berlin. Understandably, they have a greater need for advice and services, particularly in the initial stages,” explains Joachim Hermansky, Vice President Customer Service Germany at DHL Global Forwarding.

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Samsung Considers Blockchain as a Solution to Optimize its Vast Supply Chain

Picture Credit: Samsung

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is considering to use blockchain ledger system in order to keep track of their global shipments. The use of the technology could possibly cut shipping costs by 20%, an enormous number, considering the volume of the Korean electronics giant’s operations. Despite many announcements being made in relation to blockchain in Logistics and Supply Chain, Samsung Group is one of the first big global manufacturers to announce its interest in optimizing the operations through the distributed ledger system. This is a thoughtful step from Samsung, as Gartner Inc. predicts that blockchain-related businesses will create $176 billion of value by 2025.

“Blockchain is a core platform to fuel our digital transformation. It will have an enormous impact on the supply chains of manufacturing industries,” says Song Kwang-woo, the blockchain chief and a vice-president at Samsung SDS Co.

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