Logistics of the Future: Best Supply Chain Visibility Startups

Best Supply Chain Visibility Startups

This article about the best supply chain visibility startups is part of the “Logistics of the Future” series looking at the top logistics startups today.

The logistics world of today is multi-tiered, multi-faceted, multi-supplier and collaborative. Components, parts, and elements can be spread over many thousands of kilometers, and at times it can be difficult to simply track where everything is. More than frustrating, this fragmentation leads to major inefficiencies in the logistics sector. Less than one-third of respondents in a logistics survey viewed their collaborative process as effective, and while 84% of respondents from the same survey reported that although they have implemented real-time data sharing into their supply chains, only 13% have done so effectively. Only a quarter of supply chains currently have an autonomous supply chain in place, according to a recent Supply Chain Reinvention Survey.

This is where today’s new options for increased supply chain visibility come in. As more companies around the world have begun outsourcing parts of their supply chains, visibility has become more crucial than ever, as a growing number of companies around the world outsource parts of their supply chains and lose control over what used to be part of their own operations.

New supply chain visibility technology promotes quick response to change by allowing privileged users to take action and reshape demand or redirect supply, and fully integrated supply chains see 20% more efficiency than those without integration. The value of autonomous and integrated supply chains speaks for itself: 90% of the Supply Chain Reinvention survey respondents with autonomous supply chains reported that their market share increased somewhat or significantly in the past year, and 97% reported their customer satisfaction somewhat or significantly increased, compared to just 8% of those without autonomous supply chains. According to Diversified Industrials Global Sector Chair Jeff Dobbs, improved supply chain visibility can significantly assist logistic operations. “Obtaining real-time visibility across all tiers in the supply chain can significantly increase speed to market, reduce capital expenditures and manage risk,” he said. “Moving toward a demand-driven supply chain is probably the single most important step a global manufacturer can take today.” And the industry agrees: Most surveys on supply chain challenges consistently rank visibility near the top as one of the most necessary components.

But despite the recognized need for integrated and transparent supply chains, a 2017 report found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of companies do not use any technology to monitor their supply chain performance. However, plenty of great supply chain visibility startups have recently been created to address this exact need and offer more efficiency to the logistics industry. Let’s take a look at some of these tech startups from around the world who are developing smart solutions to make the supply chain more transparent, digital, and cost-effective :