Logistics Startup of the Month: FarEye


Every month we select one logistics startup which represents a positive example of innovation in Logistics and Supply Chain and has the potential to alter the way the industry operates. This time, Transmetrics selected FarEye, a digital logistics platform for the efficient movement of goods, as the “Logistics Startup of the Month” for the outstanding developments in predictive visibility and operational intelligence for on-time deliveries.

In order to learn more about the startup and what it does, we have talked with Kushal Nahata, CEO & Co-founder of FarEye, about their business and how digitalization can help companies improve their logistics processes and bottom line.

Digitalizing Post and Parcel: A Peek Into the Future

Post and Parcel

Wondering what’s ahead in the Post and Parcel industry in the next few years? Autonomous Vehicles delivering packages… robots handling warehouse tasks… IoT making the operations smoother… data analytics for managing contingencies… It all may sound a bit futuristic, but companies are already pushing the limits by bringing these concepts closer to reality.

The rise of the eCommerce and the growing demand for returns are driving exponential growth in the Post and Parcel industry. Trying to secure a niche in the market while adapting to ever-changing consumer behavior may seem overwhelming. But companies have a potent toolkit at their disposal: namely, digital technologies. The way Post and Parcel companies use artificial intelligence, IoT, robots, and other innovations will determine their relevance in the future.