“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: November 2017

“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: November 2017

While we are almost ready to step into the new year, 2017 still has some aces in the sleeve for the logistics industry. This year, in a nutshell, was a year of non-logistics players entering the industry through innovations. For example, in May Uber officially announced the launch of Uber Freight to tackle the logistics market, Alphabet’s autonomous car unit Waymo brought the power of driverless driving to trucks and just this month Tesla presented its Semi Truck with specs that are beyond industry’s standard. The only way for the industry players to respond to such rivalry is to invest time and resources in new technologies like UPS did while exploring the blockchain. The shift in logistics is happening. The question is, as a logistics player, are you doing anything about it? As one famous Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Welcome to the November Issue of “Across Logistics” Innovation News Release, where we are presenting you the latest innovative technologies in logistics.

Here is the list of topics in this issue:

Guest Article – “Autonomous Ships: The World of Tomorrow is Coming Sooner Than You Think” by Freighthub

Guest Article – “Autonomous Ships: The World of Tomorrow is Coming Sooner Than You Think” by Freighthub

Nowadays, we don’t get surprised when we hear about yet another company building an autonomous passenger car. The driverless car trend is already upon us – from Ford to Volvo, and to Mercedes-Benz, most car manufacturers name 2020 as the year when fully autonomous vehicles will be ready for regular use. The cargo industry is slightly behind the trend, but just last week Tesla unveiled their long-awaited Semi Truck. Tesla Semi has the 800-kilometer range and enhanced autopilot features that allow it to drive itself on the highway, stay in its lane and keep a safe distance from the vehicles and other obstacles around. With more automation examples coming to the transport and logistics industry, it is really interesting to see how this technology is evolving. While in-land automation is already being discussed and tested by the major players in the industry, the large autonomous ocean vessels is a new promising trend in the maritime sector. We would like to thank Freighthub and Dr. Michael Ardelt for providing us with the following article on Autonomous Ships. Enjoy!

“Can Logistics Predict the Economy?” – Interview with João Monteiro, a Managing Director and Founder of LogIndex

João Monteiro

Logistics is behind every product in our world. Electronics, apparel, consumables – everything is being manufactured and moved around the globe in order to be delivered to the end customer. Logistics is a hidden power which stands behind the global economy, supports it and influences it in a lot of ways. However, this power is not unstoppable, because of such unpredictable events as the famous cyber attack on Maersk, which paralyzed global trade for several months. It did not stop consumers from purchasing more products though. With an increase of e-commerce volumes that will double by 2021, more and more goods are going to be shipped around the world. The question is – Can logistics actually predict the economy by using the historical data from the industry?

Logistics Startup of the Month: Log-hub


Every month we select one Logistics Startup which represents a positive example of innovation in logistics and has the potential to alter the way the industry operates. This month, we would like to announce that Transmetrics selected Log-hub, the warehouse marketplace, as the November “Logistics Startup of the Month” for its outstanding vision for the digital future of warehouse management. In order to learn more about the story behind the company, we asked Dirk Reich, a co-founder of the company, a couple of questions about the business. Congratulations, Log-hub!