“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: June 2017

“Across Logistics” Innovation News Release: June 2017

Welcome to the June issue of “Across Logistics” Innovation News Release. Today we want to highlight and discuss several important topics from the industry and try to give answers to several questions respectively. For example, what is the biggest threat to the IT infrastructure of your company in the 21st century and how you can prevent yourself from this threat? Or, why Uberization is unlikely to happen in the logistics industry, despite the fact that everyone is talking about that? Furthermore, you might be interested to know why the Alphabet’s autonomous car unit Waymo started developing their first vehicle with the steering wheel? If you want to know answers to these questions and to learn more about developments in the industry then – Enjoy your reading!

Here is the list of topics in this issue:

  1. Ransomware attack brings down IT systems of Maersk
  2. Waymo, an Alphabet autonomous car unit, tests out the driverless truck
  3. An opinion article by Aster Capital on “Why the logistics sector won’t create the next Uber, and where to look for opportunity?”
  4. Japan plans to launch AI-powered ships by 2025
  5. Cross-country truck roadshow sets a bar to demonstrate the advancements in fuel efficiency

Physical Internet: Shaping the Future of Global Logistics

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the logistics industry. Innovation in the space has never been greater with new technologies like driverless trucks, artificial intelligence, delivery drones, smart infrastructures, collaborative platforms, and the industrial internet of things transforming the global logistics supply chain. Finally, an industry once criticized for being slow to embrace new ideas is getting recognized as the leading edge of how technology can solve real-world problems.