Alexis Zubiolo joins Transmetrics Team

November 14, 2017

Alexis Zubiolo, an experienced Machine Learning engineer, joins Transmetrics as a Lead Data Scientist.

Prior to joining the team, Alexis worked as a Machine Learning Engineer at Hyperscience and a Data Science Team Lead at Adcash. In addition to his extensive professional background, he holds a Ph.D. degree in computational and applied mathematics from Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France. His main area of interest is machine learning and its applications to real-world problems. Speaking of his future career aspirations, Alexis wants to deepen his knowledge in the areas related to data science and machine learning and to become a better leader.

In his interview, Alexis shared that he wanted to be a part of Transmetrics because he sees the solution as an opportunity for the digital change in the logistics industry. On the technical part, there is a massive amount of data to explore in order to tackle interesting and challenging problems such as predicting how many deliveries are expected between two hubs or how full a truck is at a given stage.

Apart from his professional life, Alexis enjoys many things such as reading about philosophy and psychology, spending time with his family and friends, exploring different cultures as well as learning new languages.

Welcome to the team, Alexis! We hope your journey with Transmetrics would be successful and fulfilling!

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