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Transmetrics solution provides cargo companies with an accurate demand forecast and network optimization based on Big Data and predictive analytics.

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Transmetrics offers a Big Data predictive analytics solution that allows cargo transport companies to accurately predict future shipping volumes weeks ahead. By using your company’s historical shipping data and linking it to external factors that influence shipping demand, our system learns from historical trends and creates highly accurate forecasts of shipping volumes.

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  • Transmetrics is tackling a huge market with a clear opportunity there. I think they have all the skills necessary to solve the problem and we are behind them.

    Rumen Iliev > LaunchHub

  • Since the very first day of our cooperation with Transmetrics team, we have been working with people who know how to listen and who are putting their best efforts into understanding the requirements. They have supported us with their own vision and ideas, and, in my opinion, this cooperation has produced excellent results.

    Iliyan Petkov > DPD Bulgaria

  • Transmetrics has developed and is continuing to develop, a much needed big data solution for transport companies that promises to address one of the biggest issues that these companies have, that of optimizing the use of assets. The continued work of this startup will further assist companies in the optimization of multi-modal shipments as well as in the synchronization of modal shipments for optimal scheduling.

    Prof. Rod J. Franklin > Kuehne Logistics University